Practice Profile

Jansen Design & Architecture was established in 1996 as a limited Liability company.  We provide comprehensive architectural and project management services, together with expert forensic reports and litigation support.  We remain a small and publicly shy practice with few staff and a tidy list of happy clients. 
ARCHITECTURE is the structural form of people's living needs and desires. It is about crafting space to create relaxing, practical and relevant places to work and live in. And it is the success of the human experience using these spaces, where the true value of good architecture is realised.


Each building, home and interior should be tailored to reflect our client's needs and vision and the way they want to live and connect with the world. 


We specialise in the design and delivery of creative yet practical architectural solutions which capture the individuality of each client, and the uniqueness of each site.


Unaffected by fashion or trends, our homes and interiors are a creative yet sensitive integration between building and landscape, at one with the environment; they maximise light, airflow and space;  and have empathy with their siting and landscape. We link inside and out, breathe new life into existing buildings and invest them with character. Our designs are enriched by the beauty of other cultures and whilst each space must be honest to its function, it should not be limited by it. 


We are serious about sustainability and embed it as a core element into the fabric of our work; it is unseen, seamless and supportive.

Values & Mission
Commitment, Respect, Honesty, Innovation, Reliability, Integrity, Probity. 


Our Mission is to design and build a home which is crafted to suit your lifestyle and provide a unique and individual design solution for you and the site.


We listen very carefully to what you, our clients say, and check back frequently and ensure our design remains the most appropriate to your needs, budget and site.


We do not actively seek magazine exposure or awards, and we do not dictate to our clients nor exclude them from the process. We strive to deliver individually tailored architectural solutions and an efficient, responsive, practical service to our clients.


We are committed to high levels of client service, and endeavour to make the entire process from design through building to delivery an experience which our clients can trust and enjoy. We work within our clients' financial objectives, offering seasoned advice to guard and protect their interests. 


A home is probably the largest single personal investment most people will make in a lifetime and quite often with borrowed money, so the investment in time, money and personal capital has to be worth it. Architecturally designed homes will usually sell more readily and at a higher value, so we expect the investment in your home to generate a higher return when you finally come to sell and move on.

When designing commercial properties, we are equally determined to achieve the best outcome given your specific situation. You may require a building at the lowest initial cost to be completed in the shortest time; or if you are more future-oriented, you'll want to optimise energy consumption, reduce manning requirements and maintenance regimes to varying degrees, depending on investment imperatives.

With over 40 years of extensive and proven experience in the architectural profession, we will listen to you carefully and draw on our experience to provide a project which not only meets your needs, but should also provide a premium investment return.

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