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Jansen Diagnostics

Jansen Diagnostics is a forensic investigation company with a strong reputation and the skills you may require to solve your building problems and issues. I am available to give advice to strata and commercial property owners anywhere in Australia and to assist legal teams writing expert reports for use in litigation, or helping decide how best to proceed and which path may yield better results.

Complete building diagnostics & rectification solutions.

Founded in 1981, originally based at Greenwich in Sydney, Australia, we are an architectural consulting practice with decades of forensic experience. Our expertise is in analysis of design and construction and pinpointing causes of problems and failures, and specification of remedial measures required to rectify them.


Consultancy Services - Strata


We provide a range of services for strata title property owners, and specialise in design and implementation of effective solutions for all building works, from building repairs and renovations to complete building and services upgrades.


We provide expert reports, specifications and council drawings, and project management for rectification and upgrades of various types. In this process we develop scope of works in conjunction with the Owners Corporation then manage authority approvals, building tenders and contract administration.


Jansen diagnostics can also provide advocacy services to represent Owners Corporations in dealings with authorities, builders, other service providers.


Remedial repairs
  • "concrete cancer" and related issues;

  • waterproofing of walls, floors and roofs;

  • cracking in masonry and concrete;

  • rising damp and water penetration;

  • masonry deterioration;

  •  design work, including:--

  • make-overs of older strata buildings;

  • resizing balconies;

  •  fire upgrades;

  •  accessibility issues


Design work



  • develop brief & scope of works

  • modernising of older strata buildings

  • resizing of balconies

  • fire upgrades

  • accessibility issues


Project management
  • preparation of drawings and specifications
  • arranging for secondary consultants (engineering, fire, hydraulic etc)
  •  manage authority approvals
  • finding a suitable builder & calling tenders
  • administering the building contract (inspecting for quality, managing progress claims etc)


Litigation Support

If engaged early in litigation, I can also assist by crystallising issues and weighting them to inform the legal team and so help develop effective strategies and avoid redrafting statements of claim.


Expert report and expert witness


  • forensic investigation of structural and fabric failures

  • arranging sampling and testing

  • examination of and professional  opinion on services provided by professionals and consultant

  • writing expert reports for use in litigation

  • assisting legal teams in crystalising relevant issues and shaping the claim/defence

  • giving expert witness testimony


We have over 40 years of professional experience in a very broad range of project types from multi storey residential to broad acre industrial 


  • ex NSW registered architect  No: 3109  

  • ex-Fellow, Royal  Australian Institute of Architects

  • ex-Fellow, National Institute of Forensic Investigators

  • ex-graded Arbitrator, Institute of Arbitrators Australia

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