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The Complying Development Code (CDC)
January 2014

The Complying Development Code (CDC) is a component of the State Environmental Planning Policy in NSW.  Its aim is to simplify the design approval process by facillitating the process of small scale, safe and low impact development application within the Council area to the benefit of the community.   It applies to new single or two storey developments and alterations, provided the development meets the basic code requirements.


In 10 days or less, you can obtian planning approval if:

  • your land is 200 sq metres or larger with a width of 6metres or greater and,

  • you are renovationg an existing house on a block 200 square meters or larger with a width of 6 meters or greater.

  • the development does not exceed the maximum height controls of 8.5m and site coverage controls.

  • there are other requirements that the development must satisfy to get this approval, including privacy, deck size, front building line etc. 

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