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Lentara Rd, Bayview

What started out as "alterations and additions" became an opportunity to totally transform this dated Bayview property and build a grand, spacious home and do justice to its stunning location.

The client had seen a Jansen project featured in the magazine Renovate & Extend, and wanted the design of their new home to include similar subtle elements from other exotic cultures. The house was set in an acre of magnificent park-like gardens with stunning Pittwater views north to Lion Island, so all major spaces and bedrooms were arranged to capture these views, and enjoyed in all seasons.


The final design utilises natural materials of cedar, coconut palm posts on granite piers, a slate roof and muted bushland render colours to recede the house into the landscape. A north facing covered terrace runs the full length of the house, capturing the beautiful Pittwater views and extending the living spaces outside whilst shading summer sun and rain.


The main living area features a huge granite chimney and high open ceilings with exposed timber beams. Living areas are spacious but separate to enable different activities to continue simultaneously without interference and to be closed off when not in use. An elevator connects each level and will aid mobility enabling the owners to remain in the home for many years. A 100,000 litre tank farm occupies a cool space at the rear of the lower ground floor.

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