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Ross St, Newport Renovation

Designed in the 1960's, this one storey timber dwelling, set 1/2m above ground on a dwarf brick wall, had extensive wood rot and was falling apart.

Sited on a reclaimed lagoon, on acid sulphate soil, next to a creek, it had been flooded several times in the past. The flooding caused the floor to rot.


Re-building became necessary as the extent of the rot was discovered. The floor plan remained as is, as the prospect of a new DA was too daunting for the very busy owners, so the "ghost" of the old house is still visible in the size and layout of the rooms. But the house had to be raised by 1.5m to allow flood waters to pass under, and this in turn called in a new crop of planning code demands, concerning height, bulk, scale, shadowing and privacy. It was a tricky and delicate DA negotiation.


The need to raise the building 1.5m presented an opportunity as there was now space for underfloor water and grey water tanks to be installed. The swampy soil meant that extensive technical re-profiling of the site was necessary to allow the site to carry the weight of the home. Roofs, walls and floors were heavily insulated and cross ventilation, all carefully planned, so no air conditioning is required. The end result is a sub-tropical, bright, spacious 4 bedroom home with open plan living and a separate living area for the young adults of the family. It won a Pittwater Council adaptive reuse award.

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