Plateau Rd renovation

Renovation of a 1960 home in Avalon

1960 house renovation

Renovation of a 1960 home in Avalon

Designed in the 1960's, this unique, single storey dwelling was cramped and required a total reorganisation and renovation of the interior spaces along with external works to windows, roof, walls and deck.

The client wanted to create a more modern, spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with a library and a variety of open plan living spaces to bring the home into the 21st century.


Total refurbishment was necessary as the entire internal area needed to be redesigned to maximise the practicality and use of all available space. The kitchen was moved to a more central location and combined with open plan living and dining, to create a spacious and inviting home ideal for entertaining.The addition of a galleried upper level library utilises vertical space that was previously not used and adds visual impact and character to the living area. Bamboo flooring was laid throughout to create the illusion of a much larger space.


Two bedrooms and a family bathroom were created on a second level long with an open plan reading area adjacent to the library. Walls of glass bring in the beautiful bush setting and louvred windows catch the breezes, ensuring the house remains cool without the need for air-conditioning.