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I can provide consulting services in two separable parts:

1 Sketch Service

a. Pre-design: During our Pre-design meetings, our objective is to gain an understanding of your wishes, preferences and proclivities along with any specific instructions you may have, so that a Concept Design can be prepared. This work requires survey drawings of the site and existing structures. Site suitability, budget and council regulations play a part in the direction the design will take. Other data about the site and buildings is collected which together become "The Brief".

b. Schematic design: Sketch drawings/plans are produced to define the general conceptual layout of the building, how it is sited and orientated, and what sorts of materials and structural systems are to be used. They are developed and modified as necessary to give expression to your instructions. Preliminary building budgets are developed to keep the focus on reality. 

2 Design Service

a. Developed Design: Once a sketch design is resolved to your satisfaction and with your approval, we then develop the preferred schematic design in detail, including appropriate drawings, and 3D computer modelling. At this stage we find and coordinate some of the other specialist consultants required for a variety of disciplines like bushfire, geotechnical, structural and so on, and perhaps an independent cost expert to provide more crystallised costing advice to maintain focus on reality and viability.

b. Development Approvals: Where development and other approvals are required, we assist with obtaining them, preparing Development Application (DA) plans and organising and collating all other specialist reports for Council. We prepare Construction Certificate (CC) drawings and specifications and navigate and negotiate both the DA and CC through Council. Our CC drawings can be used by competent builders should a client choose to go to the next stage without our continued service.

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